An interactive wall installation about public space and personal emotions.

The audience can choose their abstract avatar on a social media-like interface (Scene 1) or leave a message (Scene 2) which will only be revealed once approached. We were interested in the idea of anonymous messages and emotions in a public space

Inspired by the movie Inside Out , we decided to use the literal process of abstracting to reflect people's attitude towards their emotions in public spaces.

The color and style were insipred by Memphis.

Credits: Geomerative Processing Library, OpenCV Processing Library

Interactive/audio visualization prototypes

December 2018 - March 2019

Audio visual effect as VJ resources designed&developed by me.

Other attemps.

A Pitch Game: Singing in different pitch to move the light ball up and down; when hitting the glowing notes, a Minion-like sound will sing with you in corresponding pitch. 

Interactive walls using Kinect, which support up to 6 people to play at the same time.


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